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The relationship between the client and its service provider was facing escalating conflict. Both parties believed that through collaboration and teamwork they would be better able to identify and build on opportunities to increase their mutual success and improve the quality of their working relationship and services delivered.

The OLM50 Relationship Health Check process was used to assess the health of the relationship between the parties and the performance of the contract and in its entirety.  Both parties participated in a professionally facilitated process, based on the fifty disciplines and five dimensions of OLM50. This included a series of workshops, surveys, interviews, presentations, and goal setting initiatives over a six-week period that culminated in the final joint endorsement of a series of prioritized goals and the establishment of a formalized review process to steward attainment of these goals.

Executing this process led the client and service provider to an understanding of what was working in their relationship, what was not and why, what it would take to improve outcomes and what it would take for the parties to achieve greater mutual success and satisfaction.

Upon completion of this process, understandings and expectations of the parties were aligned, improvement goals and initiatives were identified, priorities for execution were agreed to by the parties, and the stage was set for improved service delivery, improved client satisfaction with services and improved overall relationship health.

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