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The client, a global outsourcing service provider, was losing business to its competitors that it should have been positioned to win. The client believed that with an improved understanding of the weaknesses within its proposals, it could make appropriate changes that would improve its opportunity to win a greater number of the outsourcing contracts it was targeting but losing to competitors.

The goal was to improve the service provider’s proposal process and content, to be better able to present winning proposals and be selected as the preferred service provider by its clients.

Using OLM50 as the framework for comparative analysis and based on the outcome of this assessment, a series of recommendations for improvement were presented and discussed with the service provider. These recommendations were then reviewed by, and discussed with the service provider’s bid teams. Subsequent service provider proposals incorporated recommendations resulting from this review.

The service provider subsequently acknowledged that this review process, and their subsequent implementation of recommendations resulting from this process, added significant value to their proposals. They confirmed that this value was demonstrated by an almost immediate win following implementation of these recommendations, where their customer confirmed their proposal was “great”. The service provider’s expectation was that these improvements would continue to benefit them in marketing their service delivery offerings and achieving more successful outcomes going forward.

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