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More than eight public sector organizations had requirements to successfully procure long-term (5 to 10 year), $100M+ outsourced contracts. Procurement activities spanned OLM50 lifecycle phases from strategy through transition and included governance in the design. OLM50 processes and lifecycle deliverables were used for each of these initiatives. The overall procurement process from initiation to contract commencement, for each of these initiatives, took between 6 months to 2.5 years to complete, depending on complexity and magnitude of the initiative.

Dawn collaborated with each client to identify their business needs and to align with the client’s legal, procurement, technology and regulatory requirements and standards to deliver long-term contracts for outsourcing, including detailed supporting schedules, leveraging available industry information and market trends, incorporating mature industry processes and tools, and meeting time lines and expected quality of deliverables.

OLM50 provided the framework and templates used to guide each step of the analysis, procurement, selection and governance processes for each initiative, including the creation of each of the many supporting documents used in the procurement and contracting processes, customizing each deliverable to conform to meet the client’s business needs and regulatory requirements.

Each initiative resulted in successful implementation of a long-term outsourcing contract, complete with appropriate contract terms and conditions, supporting schedules aligned with the requirements of each unique initiative, supporting procurements documents (e.g. RFC, RFI, RFP, RFQ, PQR), vendor selection criteria, evaluation plans and recommendations, and transition and implementation plans.

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